A selection of comments from just a few of our satisfied clients.

Knows the place like the back of a Baswari’s hand, appears to know everyone but can move with the lowest of profiles. We will certainly use her again.
Satisfied client in Iraq
When it all went bang and I was caught in a fire-fight for 56 hours with no hope of rescue, they were the still quiet calm voices in my head, telling me to remember what they had taught me and I would get through. They were right. They were waiting for me when I got back to Nairobi, took me for a meal and listened to me until I could cry no more. Michelle’s background on the front line and as a psychologist coupled with Rob’s 37 years experience as a British Army Officer, with Special Forces in most of the major conflicts helped me to recover without further problems and got me back to work serving our beneficiaries in only a few days.
Relieved client in Iraq
Michelle Mackintosh... the ultimate professional. Removed all trace of stress and fear from my staff and I in the face of a life threatening crisis.
Thankful client in Haiti
[Michelle] blended into the background but had eyes in the back of her head. As a diplomat I am not allowed to travel to conflict zones without a security advisor. If only she wasn’t so booked up I would take her with me everywhere.
Appreciative client in Nigeria
The training really made an awesome impact and I’d recommend it anytime again as a base team.
Happy training client
The instructor was very knowledgeable and had a good way of presenting the information. He brought up some very good points about getting the community on side and using your allies to help with any problems that you may be having with an actor. The idea of letting the community know from the outset, when you will be setting up, what you will be doing, when you will be leaving, what you will be leaving behind and what you will be taking with you will be very helpful when we set up in a new community.
Satisfied training client.
As for the theoretical portion, I thought it was spot on. It is the same structure of the security management model that we use, so it was good to have our guys go through a more detailed analysis of it. Also I really appreciate the emphasis that they put on gaining acceptance as that is our best strategy. Very good style of delivery of teaching – addressed needs of audience as a whole who were multicultural and with very varied backgrounds. Teaching was clear, easy to follow, with good use of repetition. Excellent scenarios at the end, really good to put things into practice that we had learned. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, I felt able to ask questions and when I did I felt the answers were really helpful.
Pleased training client
I really enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Our base is meeting next weekend to discuss which issues to be addressed as a priority following this training.
Delighted training client

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