Behaviour to Avoid Capture

Kidnapping is an ever evolving and increasingly more common threat, which faces NGO staff, and many clients have already seen the benefits of our training in dealing with this on an organisational level.

Armadillo’s BAC training places the emphasis on avoiding kidnapping in the first place by including elements from the suite of Intelligent Security Systems that will help participants analyse their own vulnerabilities and what mitigating steps they can take. This programme also includes advice on
 enhancing the individual’s ability to survive the experience.

Armadillo consultants have experience in managing crises, negotiating release and managing rescues. They use that experience to teach you how to act and react in a kidnap scenario, 
decreasing the chances of you being taken in the first place, while maximizing your survival prospects. Simply put, our BAC training
 will increase the chances of you not being kidnapped or if the worst should happen coming back to your family and friends.

With the increased risk posed by kidnapping to NGO staff, and the associated risk of litigation, BAC training is a
must for any organisation that wants to protect its reputation and to help its staff to protect themselves.

In addition to the actual training course Armadillo now includes a follow up service, which consists of 6 weeks of e-prompts. Your participants will receive one e-mail each week from us. Each of the e-mails is specifically designed to maximise the amount of knowledge retained and shared with the rest of the team. Research on adult learning show that typically participants can forget approximately 77% within the first week after training.

Course Objectives

Avoiding risk – Repetitive patterns of behaviour, displays of relative wealth, cultural differences and a false sense of security, can all lead to staff placing themselves at unnecessary risk. By showing participants how to apply Armadillo’s Intelligent Security Systems we will help you spot problems before they develop and enable you to reduce your vulnerability and minimise the chances of being taken.

What to do during the capture – This is one of the most dangerous times for victims. Kidnappers – usually armed – are nervous and easily provoked. We will teach you how to

minimise the danger to yourself and maximise your chances of rescue.

What is it like being a hostage – We will tell you what to expect from your captors, their likely actions and how to respond. By giving you practical kidnap survival techniques, we will help you retain your physical and psychological health.

How to cope with the aftermath – The euphoria of release soon passes and kidnap victims often find it difficult to get back to normality, a situation that can place stresses on your employment and relationships. We will advise you on techniques and activities that will help you and your family with the process of reintegrating into society.

Key Areas Covered

  • Applying Intelligent Security to identify and pre-empt direct and indirect threats
  • Best practice to minimise risk of kidnap/abduction
  • Best behaviour for surviving the capture
  • What to expect from your captors
  • How to keep your sense of identity
  • Preserving your mental and physical health
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Surviving armed intervention
  • What to expect on release
  • Dealing with freedom and reintegrating into society
  • What family and friends can do to help

Course Details

This 1 day course is taught by a senior Armadillo consultant who wrote the FCO Hostage Management Plan for Iraq (now forming the basis of the FCO global plan).

The course and all written materials are presented in English and the local language wherever possible.

On an Armadillo BAC course participants will benefit from our practical experience as well as the latest theory.

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