First Aid in Threatening Environments

Your team will often be delivering its programme in areas
where emergency medical services are almost non- existent. Even when they can call for help, it may take time for medical assistance to reach them – time that could mean the difference between life and death.

In addition, the environment where your team operates may
have dangers that a standard First Aid course may not equip them to face, such as what to do in the event of scorpion or snakebites, water borne infections and diseases or
the appropriate treatment for gunshot wounds.

Armadillo’s FATE training is delivered by qualified instructors
who have experience of those dangers. We will ensure that all your staff have a basic knowledge of First Aid that will enable them to cope with the initial stages of the medical emergencies they may face in the field.

By taking Armadillo’s FATE training, staff will be empowered to take the first steps in basic life-saving treatment, keeping the patient alive while medical assistance is on its way. This course has saved lives.

In addition to the actual training course Armadillo now includes a follow up service, which consists of 6 weeks of e-prompts. Your participants will receive one e-mail each week from us. Each of the e-mails is specifically designed to maximise the amount of knowledge retained and shared with the rest of the team. Research on adult learning show that typically participants can forget approximately 77% within the first week after training.


Course Objectives

Knowledge– We will ensure that your staff are equipped with 
the basic theoretical knowledge they need in order to deal with
the medical emergencies that they are most likely to face.

The course is based on the UK Health and Safety Executive syllabus for the First Person on Scene qualification. However, the FATE course has been specifically tailored to take participants to a higher practical skill level. Your staff will be better equipped to deal with the type of injuries, illnesses and situations that they might come across in a difficult environment.

Practical skills– knowing what to do is not the same as actually
doing it, so our FATE training places emphasis upon not only
having theoretical knowledge, but also on practicing those 
skills. If the worst should happen, your staff will already have 
experience in carrying out the needed life-saving procedures, thus saving time and increasing the chances of survival.

Qualification– By the end of the course, all students will be required to pass a final examination consisting of two practical demonstrations and one written paper. This course meets the criteria as defined by the UK Health and Safety Executive. Successful candidates will be awarded a First Person on Scene certificate.

Key Areas Covered

  • Response and crisis assessment
  • Incident management
  • Primary and secondary assessments
  • Essential items for First Aid kits
  • Remote location essentials
  • Breathing, circulation and cardio pulmonary resuscitation
  • Wounds and bleeding; foreign objects; burns
  • Bones, joints and muscle injuries
  • Heat and cold-related injuries
  • Shock and consciousness disorders
  • Lifting and moving casualties
  • Rescue planning
  • Stings and snakebites

Course Details

This 2-day course is led by a senior Armadillo consultant who is a current field practitioner with decades of experience in safety and security, spending most of his or her time in practical implementation. Students are expected to attend every session, participate in all practical exercises and demonstrate their achievement to the instructor in assessments.

The course and all written materials are presented in English and the local language wherever possible.

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