Guards, Liaisons And Duties

Your guards are your organisation’s first line of defence and yet they
 can easily be overlooked. Too often some organisations assume 
that those guarding their staff and facilities are competent and
 well trained but with lives and expensive resources at stake, no
 organisation can afford to ignore their guard’s training needs.

Armadillo are able to offer the services of international security 
staff who all have wide experience in the field. However, Our
 GLAD training places emphasis upon training national staff and
provides your guards with an intensive course that covers all
 areas of their roles and responsibilities, from access and egress control to 
appropriate incident reaction and reporting.

Armadillo’s GLAD training will ensure that your organisation has trained guards who will be able to provide you with the kind of safety and security protection you need. After the training, 
guard teams will discover potential hazards that had previously been ignored or accepted. We offer separate courses for men and women, with the women’s courses taught by a female consultant who has had over ten years experience working with
and training guards.

In addition to the actual training course Armadillo now includes a follow up service, which consists of 6 weeks of e-prompts. Your participants will receive one e-mail each week from us. Each of the e-mails is specifically designed to maximise the amount of knowledge retained and shared with the rest of the team. Research on adult learning show that typically participants can forget approximately 77% within the first week after training.

Course Objectives

Responsibilities – We will teach your guards about their roles and responsibilities. They will understand the value that you place on their role and the positive contribution they can make to the success of your programme and the safety of all your staff.

Access control – Your guards will learn how to implement effective access and visitor control systems. At the conclusion of their training they will have improved hazard awareness; will be competent in personal, vehicle and area search techniques; and will be aware of the importance of adopting professional patterns of behaviour.

Awareness and reactions – Guards will be instructed in Armadillo’s Intelligent Security techniques. These will ensure that they are aware of hostile surveillance, can complete and apply Risk Assessments, and will be able to react appropriately when incidents occur.

Use of equipment – Your guards will learn how to use and maintain their equipment correctly and efficiently, so that if the worst occurs, they will be prepared and equipped to take the best course of action.

Key Areas Covered

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Access control
  • Hostile Surveillance Awareness
  • Visitor Control
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Patrolling
  • Use of kit and equipment (including communication tools)
  • Reporting procedures
  • Person, vehicle and area search
  • Incident reaction, including bomb threats
  • Safety and fire awareness training, including practical use of fire-fighting equipment

Course Details

This 2-day course is delivered by an experienced Armadillo consultant. All our trainers are current field practitioners, spending most of their time in practical implementation. There is a maximum class size of 15.

The course and all written materials are presented in English and the local language wherever possible.

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