Hostile Environment Awareness for Drivers

Drivers are often forgotten about when an organisation considers it’s safety and security but their role in keeping your
staff safe in the field can be pivotal.

Drivers will be moving your staff around in dangerous and
hostile environments. If they are correctly trained, they will react swiftly and appropriately when faced with hazards and
threats such as poor roads, severe weather, IEDs, robbery or even kidnap attempts.

By sending your organisation’s drivers for Armadillo HEAD
training, you will ensure that your drivers develop a pro-active mindset, anticipating and avoiding potential dangers. They will
develop threat recognition and protective /responsive driving skills which will ensure that when faced by hazards their first
reaction is also the safest one.

Investing in training your drivers will improve the safety and
security of your entire team. This course will help keep your staff on the road and could save their lives.

An Armadillo team member who has over 20 years experience in teaching defensive and advanced driving has designed this course. He is a member of the
British Institute of Advanced Motoring so this course gives your drivers Afghan specific training, practical training. They will be in the classroom for a very short time, as most of the course is conducted on the roads.

In addition to the actual training course Armadillo now includes a follow up service, which consists of 6 weeks of e-prompts. Your participants will receive one e-mail each week from us. Each of the e-mails is specifically designed to maximise the amount of knowledge retained and shared with the rest of the team. Research on adult learning show that typically participants can forget approximately 77% within the first week after training.

Course Objectives

Responsibilities – We will teach your drivers about their roles and responsibilities. They will understand the value that you place on their role and the positive contribution they can make to the success of your programme and the safety of all your staff.

Use of equipment – We will ensure all drivers know how to use their vehicles correctly – from keeping them maintained to driving them with defensive awareness. We will also train them in the correct use of other essential equipment, including the use of communications equipment.

Anticipation – We will help your drivers develop a proactive mindset; teaching them in effective risk analysis techniques, protective route planning, and how to identify pre-incident indicators.

Reactions – In the event of an incident taking place, we will teach your drivers how to react swiftly and appropriately to ensure the safety of your staff. From dealing with roadblocks and RTAs, to countering ambush and safe evacuation of staff; Armadillos HEAD training will ensure your drivers first reaction is also the best one.

First Aid – in the event of a RTA or attack on the vehicle, it is essential that your drivers are able to administer basic life saving techniques. Armadillo’s HEAD training will prepare them for this worst case scenario.

Key Areas Covered

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Parking
  • Attitude and behaviour of drivers
  • Correct use of the vehicle
  • Use of equipment, including communication tools
  • Reporting procedures
  • Vehicle search
  • Incident reaction, including IEDs, crossfire and RTAs
  • Counter-surveillance techniques
  • Basic First Aid

Course Details

This 2-day course is delivered by an experienced Armadillo consultant. All our trainers are current field practitioners, spending most of their time in practical implementation.

The course and all written materials are presented in English and the local language wherever possible.

For pricing and dates of courses, please contact us.

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