Management and Programme Security

Those responsible for the safety and security of your organisation are a central part of any humanitarian programme.

The challenges faced by those responsible for managing security can sometimes feel overwhelming. They need to understand what risks their team faces, how to mitigate those risks and how to implement effective security practices. If the worst should happen, they need to know how to manage a crisis.

With decades of experience in the field, having directly managed, and having advised others on how to manage major security concerns and crises, Armadillo provides effective and proven training to help your organisation.

Our consultants draw on latest theory and their own practical experience to help your manager’s design and implement security strategies that are tailored to your organisation’s needs. A central part of your Crisis Management training will be taking part in our Bo Peep exercise, which has recently described by a client as a key factor in enabling them to keep their abducted staff alive until a release could be arranged.

Attendees will learn how to mitigate risks to staff, how to implement strong and sustainable security practices, and how to manage a crisis in such a way that will maximise your staff’s chances of survival.

Course Objectives

Identification and Mitigation – Our consultants will help you identify the risks that your staff face based on our years of practical and country specific experience. We will identify and recommend measures that have been repeatedly proven to improve security and mitigate risk in the field.

Tailored strategies and plans – We will help you create and maintain security strategies and plans that fit in with your organisation’s needs and that will allow you to respond to crises quickly and effectively.

Security Management Implementation – the best plans in the world are useless if they are not implemented effectively. Our training will empower your managers to lead your staff in implementing strong and sustainable security practices that will keep all your staff safer.

Crisis Management – no matter how good and well implemented an organisation’s security and risk policies, it is a sad consequence of the nature of humanitarian work that any organisation will face crises. When the worst happens, it is essential that managers have the training and systems in place to respond quickly and effectively. Armadillo’s Bo Peep exercise will equip them with the knowledge and tools to respond swiftly and appropriately, thus minimising risk to your staff and reputation.

Course Content

  • Security management framework context; risks and threats; organisational identity/values
  • Building and maintaining a security strategy
  • Creating a security plan
  • Crisis management and Bo Peep
  • Communication techniques
  • Change management principles
  • Security tools
  • Building safety
  • Staff management
  • Incident reporting and analysis

Course Details

This 5-day course is taught by two Armadillo instructors, both current field practitioners with decades of experience in safety and security, spending most of their time in practical implementation. Day 4 is be a crisis management simulation exercise, the output from which shapes the participant’s future activities to manage the security of their organisation.

The course and all written materials are presented in English and the local language wherever possible.

In order to ensure the identification of individual needs, and the designing of plans that are organisation specific, places on our MAPS training are strictly limited

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