Team and Personal Security

If your managers have taken our MAPS training, then your organisation has already taken an important step towards keeping your staff safe and preserving your reputation. But, in an ideal world, your staff will manage their own risk mitigation, and this is where Armadillo’s new TAPS training could prove invaluable.

Your workers risk their lives in hostile environments to meet the needs of others. However, although they are often motivated by the highest ideals, they are not necessarily fully conversant with, or experienced in, minimising risk to themselves.

In the high risk environments your organisation operates in, and given the increased incidents of litigation seen in recent years, many organisations have learnt to appreciate the value of providing effective and proven personal security training to their staff.

By providing them with Armadillo’s TAPS training, you will be giving them the best support you can by getting them equipped with the skills to deal with threats to their Team And Personal Security.

This course teaches your staff about the hazards facing them, how to minimise their vulnerability and how to react should the worst occur. It could save their lives.

Course Objectives

Awareness – Despite your staff’s enthusiasm (and sometimes because of it), they are not always fully appreciative of the dangers they face when working in a sometimes hostile environment. We will show your staff how to develop a practical understanding of your organisation’s safety and security process so they are aware of their personal responsibilities and how they can help maintain your organisation’s security.

Reduction of Risk – Staff will be instructed in Armadillo’s Intelligent Security techniques so they can keep themselves as safe as possible. They will be shown how to reduce personal risks by using a coherent security strategy and understanding how – and how not – to behave.

Dealing with threats – Staff will be taught how to react when faced by threats. Whether mines, ambush, fire or criminality; TAPS will enable your staff to react appropriately by TAPping into our knowledge of best practice.

Beyond Panic – Technical knowledge of how to respond appropriately to security threats but this course will also look at the psychological and physiological aspects of threat response, how this impacts an individual’s ability to react and how to enhance their capacity.

Key Areas Covered

  • The perspective of threats
  • What puts your staff in danger?
  • Personal preparation for threats
  • Effectively reporting security incidents
  • Hostage survival techniques
  • IEDs, UXOs and mines
  • Weapons e.g. small arms, artillery, air attacks
  • Criminality, such as car jacking and assault
  • Legal and illegal checkpoints
  • Ambush
  • Riots and civil disorder
  • Fire and carbon monoxide risks

Course Details

This 3-day course is led by a senior Armadillo expert who is a current field practitioner with decades of experience in safety and security; spending most of his or her time in practical implementation in the region.

The course and all written materials are presented in English, Dari and or Pashtu as required. Days 1 and 2 will be classroom-based theoretical sessions and
 Day 3 will be a practical simulation exercise.

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